Buying Guide To The Mother Of The Brides Dress

bride and mother

Just as the wedding day is special for every couple so also is it with the bride’s mother. The mother of the bride will have many special moments on the wedding day. Eyes shall be on her at the ceremony, at the reception and generally during the day. It is due to the fact that she is the mother of the bride making her an important part of the ceremony. It is thus paramount that she looks stunning. How then does she go about finding the lovely dress that she will wear for the occasion?

Mother Of Bride – Buying Dress Guide

Plan earlywriting with pen

Once the date has been set, it is wise to begin thinking through and planning early. This will give you the time search and decide on what one wants. Early planning prevents last minute rash, which may end up being costly and one getting a dress that they will not be happy with.

Consult The Couple

Have a chat with the couple and find out what their theme colors are. You could ask for pictures of their inspiration to have a better understanding of the color. Find out what the bridal party will be wearing, inquire what color your daughter would like you to wear so as you can coordinate.

Style And Design

Choose your style carefully; you do not have to dress up and upstage the couple or take that honor away from them. Neither does it mean that you limit yourself to a conservative look. There are a variety of options available that will bring out the glamorous look. Let it be a dress that she is comfortable with and you are happy to wear. At times the bride may want the mother to wear a particular type of style which the mother may not be comfortable with. At such times it is good to come to a consensus.

Secondly, consider if the outfit will be bought from a bridal shop or will a seamstress tailor it? The appeal of the seamstress will be that one will get there one of a kind mother of the bride dress. Likewise, the benefit of buying from a bridal shop one will be able to try out different dresses and have an idea of how each looks before purchasing.


wedding coupleThink through, what time, season the occasion will be. This will profoundly guide the design of the dress. An afternoon wedding will have a different design from an evening one. Likewise, a beach wedding will have a different design as compared to an indoor wedding. Finally, the season the wedding will take place be the in the summer, spring, winter or autumn.

It is important to have a budget, have a set amount of what you would want to spend and a margin of how far you would want to go above the specified about. Lastly, coordinate with your future in law, you do not necessarily have to match, but you can both look grand aligned with the theme of the wedding.