Nail Care

Gel application is a simple process that can be done by anyone who stays at home. This kind of polish retains its glow and brightness that last for a month if well-taken care. It is vital to find enough and clean space in your house to be able to apply this type of nail polish. It is advisable to let your gel stick to your nails and show perfection in the general appearance by preparing your nails properly. Here are the tips to follow to apply a quality gel polish on your nails.

Remove Gel Polishsfscfcfc

It is important to remove the gel you had applied previously, keep your hands dry and clean in the best way possible. With the help of a good manicure stick or high-quality cuticle pusher push your cuticles. Before the application of this type of polish, it is essential to remove debris and keep your nails as clean as possible or else this polish may stick to them as fast as possible.

Shape The Edge Of Your Nails

Shape your nails with the help of a buffer and clean them properly. Remove the dust in the best way possible and it is significant to wash them many times. Use a cleansing cream to clean them and let them dry.

Application Of Gel Polish

scdfcfApplying gel polish is the next step, apply and treat them the best way possible at the first time. Repeat the application process two or three times again. You should not touch your nails, cuticles or skin then apply a thin layer of the base coat on the nails.

This product should be rubbed again besides these body parts and Cover the edges in the best way. Use a high-quality manicure stick as it is very vital in cleaning these body parts you should then take a short time to treat these parts. Keep them below an ultraviolet dryer for a third an hour.

Shaking up this type of product excellently on these body parts is the next step to follow. Apply a thin layer of this gel polish and do not touch the cuticles. Wash them in the best way possible by the use of a manicure stick. Cure them for three minutes below an ultraviolet dryer.

Protect them the best way possible once you apply this product is the next step to follow. Apply one top coat layer and keep your nails on the ultraviolet dry again for some few minutes. It is better to use cuticle oil to prevent dryness of all these body parts and your skin