Different Types Of Men’s Suits

If you are a beginner in this world of the suit, then it’s most likely you have no idea that the suits are different and there sure so many types in the market. But no need to worry if you have no idea of the different types because this article is here to help you out. There are so many men that when asked the kind of suit that they are wearing they will have no idea because they are never curious to get to know. The wardrobe of a man has to be complete if only they have maybe one pair of suit. The different type of three piece suit include;

Single breasted

man suit

When it comes to the single-breasted, they will have one set of button holes as well as the buttons, which in this case they will not overlap. What is accepted if they have two buttons or three but not more than that? When you are going for a dinner, then the best suit that you should wear is the one that has the one button version. If you are wearing the single breasted suit, then you can pair it with a waistcoat, and the waistcoat should be made with the fabric as one of the suits.

Double breasted

The double breasted suit is so different when you compare it to the single breasted the difference comes in because when it comes to the double breasted the front will overlap the body. When it comes to the buttons, the double breasted will have 2 or 3 buttons on each side of the jacket suit. They are best suitable when you are going to an event or when want to have that of a legal look. Just don’t make the mistake of wearing them to that business meeting because they are not supposed to be worn there.

Three pieces men’s suit


The three pieces mean suits or what’s commonly referred to as the vested suit. When talking about the three-piece suit, it’s the single breasted suit, but the difference comes in because the suit has a vest. The 3pieces suits are commonly worn by people when they are attending a wedding or when going to church because they have this formal appearance when you compare them to the other suits. The vest will sometimes have labels, but this is optional it not a must that you have them on. Now that you have an idea of the different suits in the market then its will be fun when you are stating you suit wardrobe shopping.