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Makeup tips for simple look

“Achieving more by less,” is perhaps the philosophy behind simple makeup. You can look more beautiful with minimum highlighting or contouring and without excessive eyelashes and eyeshadows. Simple makeup accentuates the natural look on your face, instead of exaggerating.

Applying cleanser

Like makeup in general, you need to prepare your skin by getting rid of the dust particles and dead skin cells of your facial skin down to the neck. Applying cleanser with cotton pad can achieve the intended result, but remember to use a cleanser that suits your skin.

For dry skin, it is better to use an alcohol-free cleanser. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and may damage the outer layer of your facial skin. Dry skin is commonly sensitive to fragrance. Test your cleanser by applying a little on the cotton pad and rub it gently on the small area of your neck. If there is a burning sensation, change your cleanser.

For oily skin, a regular cleanser is okay, but for a product that you are not familiar with, it is better to test it out first. Wait up to 15 or 30 minutes and see if your face gets too oily or not.

The moisturizer

Pick the moisturizer based on your skin type and whether it has SPF or not. A moisturizer that works as sunscreen can protect your facial skin from ultraviolet.

Apply the moisturizer evenly from facial skin to your neck because you need to apply the foundation later.

The foundation

Match foundation with color that can blend with your neck natural skin color. Foundation comes in liquid form or powder foundation. Simple makeup requires a light foundation. Cream, or liquid foundation, provides more blend-in look on the facial skin, and also easier to apply. Powder foundation offers a more eye-catching and less oily look.

The concealer

Concealer works like the finishing on the detailed facial parts, like on the undereye circles. Do not put concealers on unhealthy skin areas, which have blemishes, dab or blend. If you feel like you still need it, apply the concealer very lightly.

makeupPowder if necessary

If you have oily skin, apply oil-absorbing powder with a brush in circular motion. This method can lighten up the cover-up for oily facial parts.

Accentuate the cheek

Light red blushes creams can accentuate your cheek without exaggeration. Apply evenly to the desired area, and make sure not to do it too much.

Eyes and lips

Put light eyeshadow on the eyelids and lipstick with a warm color on the lips. For a simple beauty look. Now you’re good to go.colorful lipstick